The Best Platforms Where You Can Listen to the Latest Music

Music smooths the soul and takes away people’s burdens at times. Music is also a form of entertainment. A lot of people love listening to music and are always on the lookout to hear new music. This type of music is available in some of the best music streaming platforms. Here are some of the platforms where you can listen to the latest music.


This is the most recognised music streaming platform. Its music library has a total of about 50 million songs. About 10, 000 songs are added onto the platform daily. The platform does not contain music videos and lyrics. Users are charged a total of £8.18 per month for a premium membership. Students are charged a total of £4.08 per month. The platform also gives people the option to pay for a family plan which is restricted to a total of six people. This plan costs £12.5 per month.


This is the best music streaming platform if you want to listen to new hits. The platform has a subscription fee of £8.18 per month. It gives its users access to music from great artists in the world. Its free version is one you will not be disappointed with.

Sound Cloud

This is the easiest music platform to share music. For £5 a month, you get access to about 125 million songs. This platform will give you the golden opportunity of streaming new remixes, feats, singles and even amateur music.


This is a popular streaming platform for both music and other informational videos. Artists are now posting their music on YouTube as soon as they have released a new hit. It is a great platform to listen and watch the video of the original song. This platform also contains the lyrics of many of the songs uploaded to it.